Brass Urns
Relic Urns has brass urns for all, whether adults or children. It is a personal choice of people whether they want to keep pr disperse ashed of their loved ones, but whatever may it be they can get the best urn as a resting place.
Aluminium Urns
Relic Urns is a three years old manufacturing company that brings forward aluminium urns in several colors. Much care and attention is give when designing and developing each of these sentimental products.
Wooden Urns
Relic Urns has experts who can carve urns out of wooden blocks. These wooden urns are made specially for pets. People are free to select the design, from the one with photograph or the one with paws design.
Pet Urns
Trust Relic Urns for buying pets cremation urns in different shapes to meet every taste and style. As these are made from brass, these are permanent urns that can be used as final resting place for your steadfast companion.
Decorative Urns
Select the decorative urn of your choice from a wide variety available by Relic Urns. This vessel can be used to either store cremation ash or used as a decorative accent in your home.
Marble Urns
Relic Urns in the unit located in Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh, India) produces marble urns in different shapes, sizes and colors. The marble urns have produced making use of different kinds of marble.
Cremation Urns
Relic Urns is a reliable source for cremation urns. For three years now, the company is making available keepsake urn to people for a loved ones or pets. These urns are made of marble, brass, bronze and several other material.